Does this sound like you?

"I have no idea what the plants in my yard are or how to care for them. I just moved in to this house and feel overwhelmed. Help!"

"If I just had someone I could brainstorm with I bet I could figure out how to landscape my yard."

"Every time I go to the nursery I end up spending more money than I planned and sometimes the plants end up dying. What am I doing wrong?"

"Isn't there a way to ask an experienced gardener how to tackle something without having to hire a full-fledged designer?"


    For the do-it-yourselfer who just needs a little direction.


    Maintenance manuals are custom-made and include a printed binder with a detailed 12-month calendar, individual plant care information, and more, all specific to the plants in your yard.  


    The ASPCA handles more than 200,000 calls a year related to pet exposure to toxic household and garden plants. Make sure the plants in your house and yard are safe for your pet.

    A site visit allows us to assess any potentially toxic plants and provide options for alternatives that are more pet-friendly.  


    One-on-one, hands on help. Want to know how to prune your rose bush? How about help knowing the best plant to help create more privacy from your neighbors? Maybe you just want someone to go to the nursery with you to help pick out plants.

    Our master gardeners are here to help you reach your goals. We'll show you how to maintain the garden of your dreams.


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