"My goal is to help gardeners learn how to care for their yards more sustainably and find joy in connecting with the plants and nature in their own backyard.

-Junel Unrein, Founder of Garden Keeper


Helping you master the art and science of sustainable gardening. 

Hi, I'm Junel Unrein, founder of Garden Keeper. I've spent a good portion of my adult life with my hands in the dirt. Over the years, I have enjoyed helping others succeed and find I am happiest when I combine the desire to help others with my love of gardening. 

I have been an avid consumer of gardening classes, books, articles, and research over the years. I've cultivated a desire to not just share that knowledge and experience, but to spread the word about sustainable gardening, which guides all that I do in the garden. Garden Keeper allows me to have a bigger impact on how people in the global gardening community think about gardening. 

I hope you'll join me in the lifelong adventure of gardening, and also help me continue to spread the word about sustainable practices that help keep our gardens, our environment, and ourselves, healthy - now and in the future.